British Guiana Collection Page Scans
Updated - February, 2020

The British Guiana King George VI stamps were printed from 1938 until about 1952. The stamps were printed by Waterlow & Sons using designs that were initially made for the King George V set beginning in 1931. The designs that do not include the King's portrait continued with no change, although for a few the color was changed. Like all Waterlow sets, most of the differences between the printings are found in the paper and gum characteristics. However, in the case of British Guiana, there were perforation changes that can help you isolate various time periods.

The primary difference I have seen in all of the Waterlow printed King George VI stamps has been the appearance of the paper and gum as seen from the back. I like to put them against black paper and view them under twin spotlamps. Early printings (1938) tend to have a creamy appearance; 1940 era printings tend to be a little less creamy and the paper appears thicker (or less opaque); 1943-1944 printings tend to be on paper that appears thinner (more transparent) with gum that is slightly whiter than the earlier printings; and later printings from the late 1940's thru early 1950's tend to exhibit a brighter, whiter appearance. Use the Perf 14 issues to find the later papers. They were all printed in the late 1940's and early 1950's. This is all relative and it really helps to have multiple stamps to compare as you are making these evaluations. I sometimes use other Waterlow countries' stamps as I make my decision about these printings. The ones shown below are from the St. Helena set which are a good tool because of the color changes which are limited to specific time periods. Send me an email if you want to know what stamps can be used to build your own paper and gum chart.

The pages were created using Frank Saunders article in Geosix Issue No. 72 - British Guiana 1938-54. His descriptions were noted on the pages. The stamps shown are my best effort to find something that fit the criteria. The relevant Commonwealth numbers are shown for the listed stamps with Gibbons and Scott numbers included. The page images were scanned in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in viewing them. Feel free to select the page and let it download to your screen and save it to your hard drive for viewing. If you are using a PC, selecting the page will typically open it in Microsoft Photo Viewer (or whatever you are using as your default). From there you can enlarge the size for more close-up viewing. If you are using a phone - go find a PC or a Mac. The images are 1200 pixels wide and you will go mad trying to view them on your phone.

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British Guiana Collection Page Scans
Commonwealth # Stanley Gibbons # Scott # Description and Page Link
1-27 308-319 230-241 British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 1
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 2
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 3
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 4
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 5
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 6
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 7
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 8
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 9
      British Guiana - 1938 Set - Page 10

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