Great Britain - Offices in Italian Africa Collection Page Scans

The Great Britain - Offices in Italian Africa set of stamps were printed from 1945 until about 1951. It includes the M.E.F. (Middle East Forces), Eritrea, Somalia, and Tripolitania sets of stamps. All issues, except for the Postage Dues were overprinted on stamps from Great Britain.

Most of the sets are pretty simple to collect. The exception is the M.E.F. lower values which were overprinted in both Cairo and London. As a result, there are noticeable, collectable varieties that you should look for. These are listed in the Commonwealth and Stanley Gibbons Catalogues. You should measure the width of the overprint, and note the characters - in particular the periods. See the images below to see what to look for:

CW 1-5, SG M6-M10 - The overprint is 13.5MM wide and has square periods (stops).
CW 1a-5a, SG M6a-M10a - The overprint is 13.5MM wide and has round periods (stops).
This overprint is also found with roughly shaped characters.
CW 6-10, SG M1-M5 - The overprint is 14MM wide and has square periods (stops).

The pages are from my collection, and are identified by the Commonwealth, Gibbons, and Scott numbers in that order. The page images were scanned in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in viewing them. Feel free to select the page and let it download to your screen and save it to your hard drive for viewing. If you are using a PC, selecting the page will typically open it in Microsoft Photo Viewer (or whatever you are using as your default). From there you can enlarge the size for more close-up viewing. If you are using a phone - go find a PC or a Mac. The images are 1200 pixels wide and you will go mad trying to view them on your phone.

Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for each page to load.

Great Britain - Offices in Italian Africa Collection Page Scans
Commonwealth # Stanley Gibbons # Scott # Description and Page Link
Offices in Eritrea  
1-13 E1-E12 1-13 Eritrea 1948 Set
14-26 E13-E25 14-26 Eritrea 1950 Set
27-33 E26-E32 28-33 Eritrea 1951 Set
M.E.F. Offices  
1-21 M1-M21 1-15 M.E.F. 1942 Set - Page 1
      M.E.F. 1942 Set - Page 2
Offices in Somalia  
1-9 S1-S9 1-9 Somalia 1943 Set
10-20 S10-S20 10-20 Somalia 1948 Set
21-31 S21-S31 21-31 Somalia 1950 Set
Offices in Tripolitania  
1-13 T1-T13 1-13 Tripolitania 1948 Set
14-26 T14-T26 14-26 Tripolitania 1950 Set
27-34 T27-T34 27-34 Tripolitania 1951 Set

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