Sudan Collection Page Scans

The Sudan set of stamps showing the Camel Postman was originally printed in 1898, and was used in one form or another until the 1960's. I got started collecting Sudan for the King George VI stamps, but after a while realized that there were multiple versions of these stamps. So I started collecting the whole country. As a result, the page scans cover the time period of 1897 until the 1960's.

As you look over the various stamp options, please note there are three basic watermarks: a single rosette, a star with crescent, and the SG (Sudan Government) watermark. These can be used to determine the relative time period the stamps were produced. In addition to the basic sets, you will find paper variations of chalk or ordinary paper, perforation variations, and some color shades. If you like to go beyond the basic issues, try collecting the Official sets as well. Some can be quite challenging, as you will see by the blank spots in my collection.

One of the biggest problems collectors have with Sudan is sorting the various Camel Postman issues. Naturally, the watermark is the first thing you should check, but the 1937 and 1948 issues have the same SG watermark, so you have to look at the design to determine the correct allocation. Notice the Arabic caption under the postman to determine the printing. See the examples below:

Camel Postman pre 1948 Inscription - "Postai-Sudaniye" Camel Postman 1948 Inscription - "Berid es-Sudan "

The pages are from my collection, and are identified by the Commonwealth, Gibbons, and Scott numbers in that order. The page images were scanned in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in viewing them. Feel free to select the page and let it download to your screen and save it to your hard drive for viewing. If you are using a PC, selecting the page will typically open it in Microsoft Photo Viewer (or whatever you are using as your default). From there you can enlarge the size for more close-up viewing. If you are using a phone - go find a PC or a Mac. The images are 1200 pixels wide and you will go mad trying to view them on your phone.

Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for each page to load.

Sudan Collection Page Scans
Commonwealth # Stanley Gibbons # Scott # Description and Page Link
V1-V13, G1-G7, G39-G47 1-9, 30-36, 59-67 1-8, 29-35, 51-59 Sudan 1897, 1921, 1935 Sets
V14-V21, E1-E11 10-17, 18-28 9-16, 17-27 Sudan 1898, 1902 Sets
G26-G27 49b-57c C4-C30 Sudan 1931 Airmail Set
G48-G53, G62-G69 68-73, 74-77 C17-C22, C31-C34 Sudan 1935, 1938 Overprint Sets
G8-G22a 37-46ba 36-50 Sudan 1937 Set - Page 1
      Sudan 1937 Set - Page 2
5-19 81-95 63-78 Sudan 1941 Set - Page 1
      Sudan 1941 Set - Page 2
20-35 96-111 79-94 Sudan 1948 Set - Page 1
      Sudan 1948 Set - Page 2
A16-A23 115-122 C35-C42 Sudan 1950 Airmail Set
36-52 123-139 98-114 Sudan 1951 Set - Page 1
      Sudan 1951 Set - Page 2
VO1-GO9 O1-O20 O3-O9 Sudan 1900 - 1913 Official Sets
Not Listed Sudan 1922, 1927 Official Sets
O1-O13 O32-O42 O10-O24 Sudan 1936 Official Set
O14-O29 O43-O58 O28-O43 Sudan 1948 Official Set
O38-O55 O67-O83 O44-O60 Sudan 1951 Official Set - Page 1
      Sudan 1951 Official Set - Page 2

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