Bahamas - KEVII Issues
Updated - March 2013

Identifying the Bahamas KEVII issues is primarily a matter of determining the difference between the two watermarks, and finding the various color shades. This set was in use from 1902 until it was replaced with the KGV Set in 1912. The quantity printed is very low for some of the values (under 10,000 for the 6d MCA and Pound Values), so this is a fairly scarce set.

The two watermarks used were the Crown CA and Multiple Crown CA (MCA). If you can see the watermark, look for the relative positioning of characters to identify the watermark. Crown CA tends to be centered on the stamp, while the Multiple Crown CA Watermark tends to be all over the stamp with several crowns and CA visible in all areas of the stamp. If you have trouble identifying the watermarks, remember that the majority of the stamps were only printed on Crown CA watermarked paper, so you don't have to look at the watermark for every value. Most of the colors are fairly easily seen against black paper with a strong light.

The catalog numbers are from the 1980 Commonwealth Five Reigns Catalogue (CW), 2011 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue (SG) and the 2011 Scott catalog (ST). The description is from the Commonwealth Catalogue. Please contact Bridger & Kay to obtain a copy of this publication. For the purpose of this article, the issues are being combined by value rather than by watermark. So the catalog numbers will not be in sequence.

The images were saved in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in sorting them. Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for this page to load. You should also note that colors shown on the internet are not exact, so use the colors shown in reference to each other rather than as an exact match.

CW E24 - SG 71 - ST 44
1/2d Green
Wmk - MCA
CW E25 - SG 71 - ST 44
1/2d Yellow-Green
Wmk - MCA
CW E10 - SG 62 - ST 37
1d Carmine
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E11 - SG 62 - ST 37
1d Carmine-Rose
Wmk - Crown CA
The Yellow-Green shade is a little brighter than the Green color. Since the MCA watermark issue is also Carmine-Rose,
it can be used a guide to sort these two issues.
CW E26 - SG 72 - ST 45
1d Carmine-Rose
Wmk - MCA
CW E12 - SG 63 - ST 38
2-1/2d Ultramarine
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E13 - SG 63 - ST 38
2-1/2d Bright Ultramarine
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E27 - SG 73 - ST 46
2-1/2d Ultramarine
Wmk - MCA
Found by checking the watermark. As with the 1d issues, the MCA watermark 2-1/2d stamp can
be used as a color guide for determining the Ultramarine issue.
Found by checking the watermark.
CW E14 - SG 64 - ST 39
4d Orange
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E15 - SG 65 - ST 39
4d Deep Yellow
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E16 - SG 66 - ST 40
6d Bistre-Brown
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E17 - SG 66 - ST 40
6d Deep Bistre-Brown
Wmk - Crown CA
The Orange color is noticeably darker than the Deep Yellow. The Deep Bistre-Brown is readily apparent under a
strong light when compared against black paper.
CW E28 - SG 74 - ST 47
6d Bistre-Brown
Wmk - MCA
CW E16a, E17a, E28a
SG 66a, 74a
Malformed E Error
CW E18 - SG 67 - ST 41
1/ Grey-Black & Carmine
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E19 - SG 68 - ST 41
1/ Brownish-Grey & Carmine
Wmk - Crown CA
Found by checking the watermark. The is found on the second E.
Appears on both watermarks.
The Brownish-Grey shade is noticeably duller in appearance
than the Grey-Black shade when compared against black paper.
CW E20 - SG 69 - ST 42
5/ Purple & Blue
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E21 - SG 69 - ST 42
5/ Dull Purple & Blue
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E22 - SG 70 - ST 43
£1 Bright Green & Black
Wmk - Crown CA
CW E23 - SG 70 - ST 43
£1 Dull Green & Black
Wmk - Crown CA
The Dull Purple shade has a much flatter appearance
compared to the Purple shade against black paper.
The Bright Green is deeper in color than the Dull Green shade.

This article was written to help you identify your stamps. Please feel free to ask a question, or include a correction.
We are always interested in additional shades or more information on these stamps. Please feel free to let us know if you have anything helpful.

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