Malaya - Kelantan State
1951 Definitive Issues

Updated - April, 2018

Kelantan State is on the eastern side of the Malay Peninsula next to Perak, Thailand, Pahang, Trengganu, the China Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Thru a series of occupations and treaties, Kelantan came under the suzerainty of Siam. This was transferred to Great Britain in March, 1909 under the terms of the Anglo-Siamese Treaty. Stamps from the Federated Malay States were used until stamps specific to Kelantan were printed beginning in 1911.

The 1951 set featured a new design with Sultan Tengku Ibrahim, and was printed on paper watermarked with Multiple Script CA. You can identify stamps from this set by sorting the various colors that evolved during the six years the set was printed. As many as eight printings of some of the values were created. This results in a lot of potential color shades to sort. As you will see, not all printings have noticeable color changes, so only the ones listed in the catalogues are shown below. The values that were most heavily printed were the 4c, 6c, 10c, and $1.

Many collectors have trouble identifying colors. I find it helps to have a number of stamps to sort rather than just one or two. I place all of the same value stamps on black and then white paper and look at them under a strong light. The color differences tend to stand out when viewed this way. Then it becomes a matter of deciding if a stamp is a darker or paler in comparison to the other stamps in the group you are sorting. When you have isolated the color differences, look at your catalogue reference to see what is listed. Remember there were multiple printings of this set, so there should be some variation in many of the values. You can use the stamps shown below as a reference of what might be found.

The catalog numbers are from the 2008 Commonwealth King George VI Postage Stamp Catalogue (CW) published by Murray Payne, 2013 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue (SG) and the 2011 Scott catalog (ST). The historical details are from "The Postage Stamps of the Federated Malay States, Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Selangor, Straits Settlements, Sungei Ujong, and Trengganu" by Dr. F. E. Wood. The print dates are described in the 1968 Stanley Gibbons Elizabethan Postage Stamp Catalogue. You can access the catalogue publishers using the "Links to British Colonial Stamp Sites" at the bottom of this page.

The images were saved in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in sorting them. Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for this page to load.

CW 16 - SG 61 - ST 50
1c Black
CW 17 - SG 62 - ST 51
2c Orange
CW 17a - SG 62b - ST 51
2c Orange-Yellow
CW 18 - SG 63 - ST 52
3c Green
CW 19 - SG 64 - ST 53
4c Brown
CW 31 - SG 65 - ST 65
5c Magenta
CW 31a - SG 65a - ST 65
5c Bright Magenta
CW 20 - SG 66 - ST 54
6c Light Grey
CW 20a - SG 66 - ST 54
6c Greenish-Grey
CW 21 - SG 67 - ST 55
8c Scarlet
CW 32 - SG 68 - ST 66
8c Green
CW 22 - SG 69 - ST 56
10c Red-Purple
CW 22a - SG 69 - ST 56
10c Claret
CW 33 - SG 70 - ST 67
12c Scarlet
CW 23 - SG 71 - ST 57
15c Bright Ultramarine
CW 24 - SG 72 - ST 58
20c Black &
CW 34 - SG 73 - ST 68
20c Blue
CW 25 - SG 74 - ST 59
25c Red-Purple &
CW 25a - SG 74 - ST 59
25c Deep Red-Purple &
CW 35 - SG 75 - ST 69
30c Scarlet &
CW 35a - SG 75 - ST 69
30c Scarlet &
CW 36 - SG 76 - ST 70
35c Scarlet &
CW 26 - SG 77 - ST 60
40c Scarlet &
CW 27 - SG 78 - ST 61
50c Black &
CW 28 - SG 79 - ST 62
$1 Ultramarine &
Deep Red-Purple
CW 28a - SG 79 - ST 62
$1 Ultramarine &
CW 29 - SG 80 - ST 63
$2 Green &
  CW 30 - SG 81 - ST 64
$5 Green &
Deep Brown
CW 30a - SG 81a - ST 64
$5 Green &

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