1937 Definitive Issues

Updated - December, 2018

The Nauru Freighter Definitive issues comprise two different variations of the set. The initial one was issued in 1924, and a later version using the same design was issued beginning in 1937. The design was used until it was replaced by the QEII definitive set in 1954.

The key to identifying the two variations of this set is to determine the characteristics of each set so you can allocate them into the right group. There are several characteristics to observe: the finish on the paper, the quality of the printing, and the gum. There is also one perforation change to the 1/2d value from the original Perf 11.25 to Perf 14, so you can use the Perf 14 issue to understand the difference between the two printings. See the blowups below for comparisons of the two variations.

1924 Series
1937 Series
Flat Matt-like finish to the stamps with a duller finish
Glossy finish to the stamps with a brighter appearance
Rougher, off-white paper
Smoother, whiter paper
Yellowish Gum, look for ridges in the gum
Whiter but still Yellowish Gum, some cracks in the gum

Unlike modern stamps which are issued in the millions, definitive sets from this time period were issued very conservatively. I do not have the quantities printed for these sets. Please feel free to provide them if you have the information.

The catalog numbers are from the 1980 Commonwealth Five Reigns Catalogue (CW), 2011 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue (SG) and the 2011 Scott catalog (ST). The description and printing details are from the Commonwealth Catalogue. Please contact Bridger & Kay to obtain a copy of this publication. You can access the other publishers using the "Links to British Colonial Stamp Sites" at the bottom of this page.

The images were saved in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in sorting them. Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for this page to load.

CW 1 - SG 26B - ST 17
1/2d Light-Brown
Perf 11.25
CW 15 - SG 26c - ST 17a
1/2d Light-Brown
Perf 14
CW 2 - SG 27B - ST 18
1d Yellow-Green
CW 3 - SG 28B - ST 19
1-1/2d Scarlet-Red
CW 4 - SG 29B - ST 20
2d Orange
CW 5 - SG 30B - ST 21
2-1/2d Grey-Blue
CW 5a - SG 30B- ST 21
2-1/2d Slate-Blue
CW 6 - SG 31B - ST 22
3d Pale Greenish-Blue
CW 6a - SG 31B - ST 22
3d Grey-Blue
CW 7 - SG 32B - ST 23
4d Sage-Green
CW 8 - SG 33B - ST 24
5d Grey-Brown
CW 9 - SG 34B - ST 25
6d Pale Violet
CW 10 - SG 35B - ST 26
9d Dull Olive
CW 11 - SG 36B - ST 27
1/ Dull Lake-Red
CW 12 - SG 37B - ST 28
2/6 Myrtle-Green
CW 13 - SG 38B - ST 29
5/ Claret
CW 14 - SG 39B - ST 30
10/ Orange-Yellow

This article was written to help you identify your stamps. Please feel free to ask a question, or include a correction.

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