KGVI Stamps
of Richard Lockyer Articles

Richard Lockyer has written numerous articles for Gibbons Stamp Monthly (GSM) from May, 1986 until May, 2005.

His expertise and guidance has helped many collectors understand the
many interesting varieties that can be found on King George VI stamps.
This web site is intended to allow access to these articles for collectors.

Please be aware that these articles were copied and are published with permission from GSM by Richard.
Some are misaligned due to problems at the time they were copied. Hopefully you will have no problem reading them.
You will also notice that the numbering of each article does not match the index below.
They were numbered as they appeared in GSM, and this index is focused on just identifying and putting the articles in order.

Although we were hosting the articles for Richard, it was on a temporary basis until
they were hosted by the King George VI Collectors Society. The articles are now supported fully on the KGVICS site.

Please visit the King George VI Collectors Society web site to view the articles..

Updated - May 2019

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