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OrderBahamas - KGVPeace Set1920MCA14LH106-11065-69$20.00
OrderBahamas - KGVPeace Set1920MCA14Hinged106-11065-69$13.00
OrderBahamas - KGVTercentenary Set1930MSCA12Hinged126-13085-89$45.00
OrderBarbados - KEVIINelson Centenary Set1906Crown CC14Hinged - PM145-151102-108$38.00
OrderBermuda - KGVTerecentenary Set1920MCA-MSCA14Hinged59-6755-69$65.00
OrderBermuda - KGVTerecentenary Set1921MCA-MSCA14Hinged68-7671-79$55.00
OrderBermuda - KGVDefinitive Set to 1/ - 12 Stamps1922MSCA14Hinged77-8781-92$35.00
OrderBermuda - KGVPictorial Set1936MSCA12LH98-106105-114$22.00
OrderBermuda - KGVPictorial Set1936MSCA12Hinged98-106105-114$14.00
OrderBritish Guiana - KGVCentenary Set1931MSCA12.5Used - Light Cancel on $1 Value283-287205-209$40.00
OrderCanada - KEVIIQuebec Tercentenary Set1908 12Used - PM188-19596-103$115.00
OrderCanada - KGVCanada Confederation Set1927 12Used - PM266-270141-145$6.00
OrderCanada - KGVCanada Confederation Set1927 12LH271-273146-148$26.00
OrderCanada - KGVCanada Confederation Set1927 12Hinged271-273146-148$20.00
OrderCanada - KGVDefinitive Set1928 12Hinged275-285149-159$210.00
OrderCanada - KGVDefinitive Set1930 11Hinged288-303162-177$165.00
OrderCanada - KGVDefinitive Set1932 11Used - PM319-325195-201$5.25
OrderCanada - KGVDefinitive Set1935 12LH341-351217-227$90.00
OrderCanada - KGVDefinitive Set1935 12Used - PM341-351217-227$8.50
OrderCayman Is - KGVDefinitive Set1922MSCA14LH69-8350-63$140.00
OrderCyprus - KGVDefinitive Set1934MSCA12.5Hinged133-143125-135$125.00
OrderGrenada - KGVDefinitive Set1934MSCA12.5Used - CDS135-144114-123$60.00
OrderIrelandDefinitive Set1923Gaelic SE15 x 14LH71-8265-76$60.00
OrderMorocco - French Currency1925 Great Britain Overprint Set1925Block Cypher15 x 14Hinged202-211411-421$32.00
OrderNewfoundland - KGVTrail of the Caribou Set1919 14Hinged130-141115-126$90.00
OrderNewfoundland - KGVDefinitive Set1923 14Hinged149-162131-144$85.00
OrderNewfoundland - KGVDefinitive Set1932NF Arms13.5 CombHinged - 14c PM209-220183, 184, 187, 188, 190, 192-198$40.00
OrderNew Zealand - KGVVictory Set1920NZ Single Star14Used - 1/ PM453-458165-170$50.00
OrderNiue - KGV1932 Set1932NZ Star14H-LH62-6860-66$10.00
OrderNyasaland - KGVDefinitive Set1934MSCA12.5Hinged114-12238-46$20.00
OrderSamoa - KGV1920 Victory Set - Overprint on NZ Set1920NZ Star14Hinged143-148136-141$20.00
OrderTrinidad & Tobago - KGVDefinitive Set1935MSCA12LH230-23834-42$55.00
OrderZanzibarDefinitive Set1926MSCA14LH299-309184-194$45.00