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View FlawGreat BritainVictory Seven Berries FlawR12 / C5 Cyl 4S9a492aGB-SevenBerriesFlaw
View FlawAscensionCut Mast and Railings FlawR3 / C117b, 17e, 23b, 27b, 28b, 28cb40bb, 40cb, 40db, 40eb, 40fb, 45cbAscension-CutMastandRailingsFlaw
View FlawAscensionDavit FlawR5 / C117d40eaAscensionDavitFlaw
View FlawAscensionJibstay FlawR5 / C617f AscensionJibstayFlaw
View FlawAscensionLong E FlawR2 / C314b38baAscensionLongEFlaw
View FlawAscensionMountaineer FlawR4 / C415a39baAscensionMountaineerFlaw
View FlawAscension1/2d Reentry FlawR2 / C21a, 14a AscensionReEntryFlaw
View FlawAscension1d Reentry FlawR4 / C616a Ascension-1d-ReentryFlaw
View FlawAscension1/ Reentry FlawR6 /C410a, 22a Ascension-1ShReentryFlaw
View FlawAscensionTorpedo FlawR3 / C414c AscensionTorpedoFlaw
View FlawAustraliaMedallion FlawR2 / C5 RP24a185bAustraliaMedallionFlaw
View FlawBahamasAccent FlawR1 / C5 - 1938 Printing1d149bBahamasAccentFlaw
View FlawBahamasBroken OF and US FlawR2 / C6S13c171cBahamas-BrokenOF-USFlaw
View FlawBahamasElongated E FlawR9 / C6 LP1c149aBahamasElongatedEFlaw
View FlawBahamasRence FlawR9 / C3S9a167aBahamasRenceFlaw
View FlawBahamasShort T FlawR3 / C67A152baBahamasShortTFlaw
View FlawBahamasWhite Ear FlawR2 / C103a BahamasWhiteEarFlaw
View FlawBahamas2/ Stop After Columbus FlawR2 / C12S14c172cBahamas-2SH-StopAfterColumbusFlaw
View FlawBahamas3/ Stop After Columbus FlawR2 / C12S15b173bBahamas-3SH-StopAfterColumbusFlaw
View FlawBarbadosExtra Frame LineR11 / C96a, 7a, 22a250ca, 250da, 250eaBarbadosExtraFrameLineFlaw
View FlawBarbadosRecut Frame FlawR10 / C62c248cbBarbadosRecutFrameFlaw
View FlawBarbadosSky and TES RedoubledR11 / C23a BarbadosSky-TESRedoubledFlaw
View FlawBarbadosMark On Central Ornament FlawR1 / C3, R2 / C3, R3 / C38bc251bbBarbadosMarkOnCentralOrnamentFlaw
View FlawBarbadosWatermark Missing A of CA Flaw 8bd251baBarbados-WmkMissing-AofCAFlaw
View FlawBarbadosLine over Horse's Head FlawR4 / C109b252aBarbadosLineOverHorseFlaw
View FlawBarbadosFlying Mane FlawR4 / C111d253aBarbadosFlyingManeFlaw
View FlawBarbadosJoined Scroll FlawR7 / C811c253bBarbadosJoinedScrollFlaw.
View FlawBarbadosBroken Ns FlawR2 / C825a, 26a264b. 264ebBarbadosBrokenNsFlaw
View FlawBarbadosShort Y FlawR6 / C225b, 26b264c, 264ecBarbadosShortYFlaw
View FlawBarbadosBroken E FlawR7 / C4, R11, C425c, 26c264d, 264edBarbadosBrokenEFlaw
View FlawBarbadosVictory - Two Flags on Tug FlawR5 / C2S9a262aBarbados-Victory-TwoFlagsOnTugFlaw
View FlawBarbadosVictory - Kite FlawR10 / C4S10a263aBarbados-Victory-KiteFlaw
View FlawBasutolandTower FlawR2 / C42a19aBasutolandTowerFlaw
View FlawBechuanalandVictory - Barbed Wire FlawR9 / C6S4a BechVictoryBarbedWireFlaw
View FlawBermudaScroll FlawR5 / C12Type A117adBermudaKGVIScrollFlaw
View FlawBritish OfficesSliced M FlawR6 / C10M.E.F. 7aM.E.F. M2MEFSlicedMFlaw
View FlawBritish OfficesMisaligned Surcharge FlawR8 / C8Tripolitania T4a, T17aTripolitania T4a, T17aBOIC-MisalignedSurchargeFlaw
View FlawBritish OfficesMisplaced Stop FlawR4 / C7Eritrea 11a, Somalia 19aEritrea 10a, Somalia 19aBOIC-MisplacedStopFlaw
View FlawBr. Solomon IslandsSilver Wedding - Handkerchief FlawR1 / C6S6a75aSolomonHandkerchiefFlaw
View FlawBruneiRetouched 5 FlawR1 / C84a82aBruneiRetouched5Flaw
View FlawBruneiRedrawnCloudsFlawR1 / C1 - 1951 Black Issue 80abBrunei-RedrawnCloudsFlaw
View FlawBruneiSkyRetouchFlawR2 / C107a Brunei-SkyRetouchFlaw
View FlawBruneiWeak Impression FlawR4 / C41b Brunei-WeakImpressionFlaw
View FlawBurmaBirds over Trees FlawR15 / C324a BurmaBirdsOverTreesFlaw
View FlawBurmaBroken Bar FlawR17 / C6S1a BurmaBrokenBarFlaw
View FlawBurmaMILY ADMN Double Overprint 26a BurmaMILYADMNDoubleOverprint
View FlawBurmaInterim Government Double Overprint 56b BurmaInterimGovtDoubleOverprint
View FlawCanadaOHMS Overprint Missing Stop FlawR10 / C2O38aO166aCanadaOHMSMissingStopFlaw
View FlawCayman Islands Victory - Thick Framelines FlawR8 / C3S4a CaymanVictoryThickFrameLinesFlaw
View FlawCeylonApostrophe FlawR6 / C618a387faCeylonApostropheFlaw
View FlawCeylonComma FlawR5 / C61a, 20a386aa, 386ab, 386baCeylonCommaFlaw
View FlawCook IslandsCoronation - Small S FlawR1 / C2S3a126aCookIsCoronationSmallSFlaw
View FlawCyprusSilver Wedding - Extra Decoration FlawR3 / C5S6a166aCyprusRSWExtraDecorationFlaw
View FlawFalkland IslandsVictory - Crown Re-entry FlawR8 / C5S5a165aFalklandCrownReentryFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Dot on T FlawR5 / C2, 4, 6, 8, 10NotedG16aFIDDotOnTFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Enlarged South Georgia FlawPlate 2 - R5 / C9Type Ab FID-EnlargedSouthGeorgiaFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Extra Dot by Oval FlawPlate 1 - R4 / C6Type EG6dFID-ExtraDotByOvalFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Extra Island FlawPlate 1 - R3 / C9Type BG6aaFID-ExtraIslandFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Missing I FlawPlate 1 - R1 / C2Type CG3bFID-MissingIFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.South Poke FlawPlate 2 - R6 / C8Type DG8cFID-SouthPokeFlaw
View FlawFalkland Is Dep.Teardrop FlawPlate 1A - R6 / C7 G4eFID-TeardropFlaw
View FlawFijiExtra Island FlawR10 / C58c256baFijiExtraIslandFlaw
View FlawFijiExtra Line FlawR10 / C25a253aFiji-ExtraLineFlaw
View FlawFijiExtra Palm Frond FlawR5 / C826a249baFijiExtraPalmFrondFlaw
View FlawFijiGarrick Line FlawR5 / C15b253bFiji-GarrickLineFlaw
View FlawFijiScratched Building FlawR10 / C228a255abFiji-ScratchedBuildingFlaw
View FlawFijiSpur On Oval FlawPlate 2 - R4 / C29c257aFijiSpurOnOvalFlaw
View FlawFijiTop Frame Line Doubled FlawR4 / C227a Fiji-TopFrameLineDoubledFlaw
View FlawFijiVatulele Curl FlawR9 / C68b FijiVatuleleCurlFlaw
View FlawGibraltarApe on Rock FlawR1 / C55a124aaGibraltarApeOnRockFlaw
View FlawGibraltarBroken R FlawR9 / C4 - Plate 227c127baGibraltar-Broken-R-Flaw
View FlawGibraltarDoubling of Frame Line Flaw - 1.R1 / C326aa, 26ab Gibraltar-DoublingFrameLineFlaw-1
View FlawGibraltarDoubling of Frame Line Flaw - 2R1 / C426aa, 26ab Gibraltar-DoublingFrameLineFlaw-2
View FlawGibraltarSeagull FlawR9 / C628d GibraltarSeagullFlaw
View FlawGilbert & Ellice IslandsPostage Due Small b FlawR10 / C5PD3a GilbertPDSmallBFlaw
View FlawGrenadaColon FlawR5 / C617c158baGrenadaColonFlaw
View FlawGrenadaLine In Sail Flaw - First StateR1 / C1Noted Grenada-LineInSailFlaw-FirstState
View FlawGrenadaLine In Sail Flaw - Repaired StateR1 / C1Noted GrenadaLineInSailFlaw-RepairedState
View FlawHong KongCoronation Toe to N FlawR2 / C9S12a171aHongKongToeToNFlaw
View FlawHong KongBroken Character FlawR6 / C6 LP 146aHongKongBrokenCharacterFlaw
View FlawHong KongShort R FlawR3 / C1 LP or R7 / C3 RP27d156aHongKongShortRFlaw
View FlawHong KongVictory Extra Stroke FlawR1 / C2S11a170aHongKongVictoryExtraStrokeFlaw
View FlawJamaicaMan Fishing FlawR6 / C106b JamaicaManFishingFlaw
View FlawJamaicaExhaust Pipe FlawR10 / C212b JamaicaExhaustPipeFlaw
View FlawJerseyRing FlawR8 / C6J1a JerseyRingFlaw
View FlawKUTA of CA Missing from WatermarkR6 - various columns23e131abKUT-AofCA-Missing
View FlawKUTDamaged Value Tablet.R9 / C623a131acKUT-DamagedValueTabletFlaw
View FlawKUTRetouched Tablet FlawR9 / C623b131adKUTRetouchedTabletFlaw
View FlawKUTBreak in Bird's BreastR2 / C523d131aeKUT-BreakInBirdsBreastFlaw
View FlawKUTTadpole FlawR10 / C823c131afKUT-TadpoleFlaw
View FlawKUTMountain Retouch FlawR6 / C711a135aKUTMountainRetouchFlaw
View FlawKUTDot Removed FlawMost of Frame Plate 337b144eaKUT-DotRemovedFlaw
View FlawKUTCrescent Moon FlawR20 / C443a154aKUTCrescentMoonFlaw
View FlawKuwait2/6 Type II Overprint 45b90bKuwaitTypeIIOverprint
View FlawKuwaitSilver Wedding - Short Bars FlawR3 / C4S2a75aKuwaitRSWShortBarsFlaw
View FlawLeeward Islands6d Broken E FlawR4 / C1 LP8d109abLeewardIs6dBrokenEFlaw
View FlawLeeward IslandsDI FlawR9 / C6 RP9a110aLeewardIsDIFlaw
View FlawMaltaWindows at Right FlawR2 / C78b221aMaltaWindowsAtRightFlaw
View FlawMaltaDamaged Value Tablet FlawR4 / C919a229aMaltaDamagedValueTabletFlaw
View FlawMaltaHalation FlawR2 / C5S23c238baMaltaHalationFlaw
View FlawMaltaNT Joined FlawR4 / C10S19b247aMaltaNTJoinedFlaw
View FlawMauritius Coronation - Line by Sceptre FlawR5 / C3S3b251bMauritiusCoronationLineBySceptreFlaw
View FlawMauritius Q for O FlawR10 / C521a MauritiusQforOFlaw
View FlawMauritius Victory - Flag FlawR3 / C1S5b MauritiusVictoryFlagFlaw
View FlawMontserratEngraver's Slip FlawR10 / C58a MontserratEngraversSlipFlaw
View FlawMorocco - TangiersUPU - Lake in India FlawR8 / C2S16b499bUPULakeinIndiaFlaw
View FlawNauruDoubled Upper Frameline FlawR4 / C4S3a NauruDoubledFramelineFlaw
View FlawNewfoundlandA FlawR5 / C92e278bNewfoundlandAFlaw
View FlawNewfoundlandFish Hook FlawR1 / C7 or R3 / C3S4a257bNewfoundlandFishHookFlaw
View FlawNewfoundlandMedallion Re-Entry FlawR4 / C8S6b259bNewfoundlandMedallionReentryFlaw
View FlawNew Zealand Captain COQK FlawR1 / C433a589eaNewZealandCaptainCoqkFlaw
View FlawNew Zealand Plane Tail Retouch FlawR2 / C4 or R3 / C2S22a671aNZPlaneTailRetouchFlaw
View FlawNorthern RhodesiaTick Bird FlawR7 / C16b30bNoRhodTickBirdFlaw
View FlawPapuaHalo FlawR5 / C2S1a PapuaHaloFlaw
View FlawSt. Kitts-Nevis3d Break in Value TabletR12 / C5S12d-TypeA73daStKittsNevis3dBreakInValueTabletFlaw
View FlawSt. Kitts-NevisDented Frame FlawR2 / C5S15a StKittsNevisDentedFrameFlaw
View FlawSt. Kitts-Nevis1/ Break in Value TabletR3 / C214a-TypeC75baStKittsNevis1SHBreakinValueTabletFlaw
View FlawSt. Kitts-Nevis5/ Break in Value TabletR12 / C316a-TypeF77baStKittsNevis5SHBreakinValueTabletFlaw
View FlawSt. Kitts-NevisBreak in Frame LeftR7 / C116a-TypeE77bdStKittsNevisBreakinFrameLeftFlaw
View FlawSeychellesMajor RetouchR3 / C117d SeychellesMajorRetouch
View FlawSouth AfricaSpear FlawR9 / C2X8b46bSASpearFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaMonkey in Tree FlawR2 / C2 46cSAMonkeyInTreeFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaTwisted Horn FlawR1 / C5X10a48bSATwistedHornFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaCoronation Mouse FlawR4 / C1S3b73aSACoronationMouseFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaCoronation Missing Hyphen FlawR2 / C13S5b75aSACoronationMissingHyphenFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaCoronation Dot in place of Hyphen FlawR4 / C17CS5c SADotforHyphenFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaBlinded Princess FlawR19 / C2S38a SouthAfricaBlindedPrincessFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaUPU G for C FlawR1 / C1S43a130aSAUPUGforCFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaUPU Lake in East Africa FlawR2 / C19S43b130bSouthAfricaUPU-LakeInAfricaFlaw
View FlawSouth AfricaPostage Due Doubled 2 PD9aD36aSAPDDoubled2
View FlawSouth West AfricaCoronation Frame Re-entry FlawR6 / C3S6a102aSWACoronationFrameReentryFlaw
View FlawSouth West AfricaMissing Background FlawLast ColumnS23a SWAMissingBackgroundFlaw
View FlawSouthern RhodesiaShaded Collar FlawR6 / C1S7a55aSoRhodesiaShadedCollarFlaw
View FlawSouthern RhodesiaLine Under Saddlebag FlawR6 / C10S13d61bSoRhodesiaLineUnderSaddlebagFlaw
View FlawTongaLopped Branch FlawR8 / C54a75aTongaLoppedBranchFlaw
View FlawTongaWide D FlawR4 / C106a TongaWideDFlaw
View FlawTonga2-1/2 D ValueRecutFlawR1 / C16b77aTonga2HalfValueRecutFlaw
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