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Used StampsCountryCW Catalog Desc.Wmk/Perf2008 CW#2008 SG#Scott#Price-US
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OrderBahamas1938 Set 1-17149-160100-113$60.00
OrderBarbados1950 Set 27-38271-282216-227$45.00
OrderCanada1937 Set - PM, 50c Revenue 1-11357-367241-245$20.00
OrderCanada1942 Set - PM, 50c Revenue 15-28375-388249-262$15.00
OrderGold Coast1948 Set 25-36135-146130-141$21.00
OrderGrenada1938 Set - to 5/ only - Perf 12.5 1-11152-162121-141$5.00
OrderHong Kong1941 Centenary of British Occupation Set S4-S9163-168168-173$18.00
OrderJamaica1938 Set 1-18121-133a116-128, 141$30.00
OrderMalta1948 - Self Government Overprint Set S6-S26234-248208-222, 235-240$23.00
OrderMauritius1950 Set - High Values Centered Left 17-31276-290235-249$40.00
OrderMorocco - Tangiers1950 SetOverprinted TangierT21-T29280-288550-558$45.00
OrderNew Zealand1938 and 1947 Definitive Set 39-57, 59-60603-609, 680-689226-228C, 258-268$11.00
OrderNew Zealand1940 Centenary of British Sovereignty Set S4-S16613-625229-241$15.00
OrderSouthern Rhodesia1938 Set 1-1340-5242-54$14.00
OrderTrinidad & Tobago1938 Set - PM on back to 60c 1-14246-25650-61$40.00
OrderZanzibar1936 Set X1-X13310-322201-213$45.00
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