King George VI - Muscat and Oman Collection Page Scans

The Muscat and Oman King George VI era set of stamps were printed from 1944 until about 1951. The sets were initially overprinted on the stamps from India, and then on the stamps from Great Britain.

The pages are from my collection, and are identified by the Commonwealth, Gibbons, and Scott numbers in that order. I did not find any collectable color shades, probably because most sets were in use for only a couple of years. You might want to look for the inverted watermarks and the overprint varieties. Some are quite scarce, as you will see from the blank spots in my collection. There is also an Official set which was overprinted on the India Official issues.

The page images were scanned in a larger size and at a higher resolution so you can more easily see the details used in viewing them. Feel free to select the page and let it download to your screen and save it to your hard drive for viewing. If you are using a PC, selecting the page will typically open it in Microsoft Photo Viewer (or whatever you are using as your default). From there you can enlarge the size for more close-up viewing. If you are using a phone - go find a PC or a Mac. The images are 1200 pixels wide and you will go mad trying to view them on your phone.

Please be patient if it takes a few minutes for each page to load.

Muscat and Oman - King George VI Collection Page Scans
Commonwealth # Stanley Gibbons # Scott # Description and Page Link
S1-S15 1-15 1-15 Muscat and Oman 1944 Set
1-10 16-24 16-24 Muscat and Oman 1948 Set
11-17 35-41 35-41 Muscat and Oman 1951 Set
O1-O10 O1-O10 O1-O10 Muscat and Oman 1944 Official Set

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