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Articles about British and Colonial Stamps:
(Other articles are listed in the Society sites below) 

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Barbados Stamps
Big Blue 1840-1940
East Africa Stamps, Postal History & Stationery
Falkland Islands Stamps
 Great Britain: Line Engraved Victoria made easy
Hong Kong - China Overprints
CJR Stamps - Rhodesia Stamps Described
Machins Made Easy
Malaya's timeless design: the universal coconut duty plate
New Zealand Stamp Images
The Postage Stamps and Postal History of the New Hebrides
Revenue Reverand
St. Vincent Stamps
Silver Jubilee of King George V
Silver Jubilee Stamps (King George V)
Solomon Islands Stamps
Stefan Heijtz' Homepage - the website of Falkland Islands philately
Telegraph Stamps of the World
The Wolf Collection of Irish Postage Stamps at Notre Dame

Leeward Islands DI Flaw

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Articles about KGVI Stamps: 

 Link to KGVI Stamps Site
Bermuda 12/6 First 3 Issues - by Wilson Wong
Bermuda 12/6 First 3 Issues - by Eric Yendall
Richard Lockyer's Gibbons Stamp Monthly Articles on the King George VI Collectors Society site
Nyasaland 10/ Issues - by Mark Warren

CW 15 - First Printing

CW 15AA - A typical printing

CW 15B - Lemon Yellow Printing

KGVI Stamps - George VI Image Gallery
See various printings compared as you browse through our KGVI Used or Unused selections for sale.

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site


 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Aden - Somaliland - Yemen Study Group
American Philatelic Society (APS)
Ascension Study Circle
Australian Philatelic Federation
Australian Philatelic Society
Australian Philatelic Traders Association
British Air Mail Society
British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group
British North America Philatelic Society
British North America Philatelic Society - KGVI Study Group
British Thematic Association
British West Indies Study Circle
Canadian Philatelic Society of GB
East Africa Study Circle
Éire Philatelic Association
 Fellowship of Samoa Specialists
Forces Postal History Society
GB Overprint Society
Hong Kong Study Circle
Indian Ocean Study Circle
India Study Circle
King George VI Collectors' Society
 Malaya Study Group
National Philatelic Society (UK)
King George VI New Zealand Study Group
Pacific Islands Study Circle
Rhodesia Study Circle
The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
The Royal Philatelic Society London
The Sarawak Specialists' Society
Southern Africa Philately
The Sudan Study Group
U.K. Philately
  West Africa Study Circle

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site


Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Aukland City Stamps - New Zealand Catalog
The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue
John Barefoot Ltd
British North America Specialized Stamp Catalogue
Campbell Paterson
Commonwealth K.G.VI Catalogue
Domfil Thematic Catalogs
 Linn's Stamp News
Krause Publications - Stamp Collector
Newfoundland Specialized Stamp Catalogue
Scott Publishing
   Stanley Gibbons

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 Interesting Web Sites and Blogs:

 Link to KGVI Stamps Site
 British Library
EXPONET (Virtual Philatelic Exhibition)
British Monarchy Official Web Site
FIP Postal Stationery Commission
Universal Postal Union

 Link to QEII Stamps Site

 Free Services:

 Link to QEII Stamps Site
American Philatelic Research Library (APS)
Free2Professional (Language Translation)
Global Philatelic Library
 My Stamp World - Like Facebook for Collectors
Stamp Albums Web - Download Album Pages
Stamp Scanning Tips
Stanley Gibbons - All World - Free Service
U.S. Postal Service Rate Calculator

 Stamp Collector Message Board Sites:
 The Stamp Collecting Forum
 Stamp Community Forum
 The Stamp Forum
If you are a Facebook member, join the British Colonies Stamp Collectors Group

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Philatelic Literature for Sale:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Phil Bansner's Philatelic Web Site - USA
James Bendon Ltd. - Cyprus
Books on Philately - USA
KGVI Stamps - British Colonial Philatelic Literature - USA
Saskatoon Stamp Centre Canadian Philatelic Literature - Canada
Subway Stamp Shop - USA
Vera Trinder Ltd. - UK
 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Portals to Stamp Collecting & Auction Sites:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamps and Philatelic Links
AtoZee Stamp Collecting Web Directory
Richard Frajola's Resource Site
 JJF Philatelic Links
 Stamp Auctions Central
Stamp Domain
Stamp Hobby
Stamp Link
Stamp Paradise
2-Click Stamps
Wardrop's Philately Online
 Link to QEII Stamps Site

 Stamps for Sale offered by Private Collectors:

 Link to QEII Stamps Site

All Stamps Paradise

 Link to KGVI Stamps Site

 Internet General Auction Sites:

 Link to KGVI Stamps Site
Hip Stamps

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Stamp Auction/Dealer Sites:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
ASDA Stamp Bourse Online
Earl P.L. Apfelbaum Inc. - USA
John Bull Stamp Auctions - Hong Kong
Cherrystone Auctions - USA
Classic Philately-Till Neumann - Germany
Colonial Stamp Company - USA
Eastern Auctions - Canada
Harmer-Schau Auctions - USA
Interasia Auctions - Hong Kong
r. maresch & son - Canada
Millennium Philatelic Auctions - Australia
 J. R. Mowbray - New Zealand
Prestige Philatelics - Australia
Principality Auctions - UK
Rasdale Stamp Company - USA
Regency Stamps, Ltd. - USA
Michael Rogers - USA
Sandafayre Stamp Auctions - UK
Stanley Gibbons - UK
Status Interational Auctions - Australia
Universal Philatelic Auctions - UK
Vance Auctions - Canada
Victoria Stamp Company - USA
Edward D. Younger Company - USA

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 British Colonial Stamp Dealers:

 Link to KGVI Stamps Site UK
APS Internet Sales - USA
Argyll-Etkin Ltd. - UK
Auckland City Stamps - New Zealand
Bill Barrell Ltd. - UK
Baxley Stamps - USA
Blue Owl Stamps - Australia
Bombay Philatelic - USA
Bridger & Kay - UK
British Africa (Deverell & MacGregor) - South Africa
CDD Stamps - Philipines
City Stamp Montreal - Canada
Classic British Colonies - USA
Colonial Stamp Co. - USA
DP Stamps - USA
Michael Eastick & Assoc - Australia
Edmonds & Turner Ltd. - UK
F&J Collectibles - USA
Gabriele's Philatelic Service - Australia
Stanley Gibbons - UK
Michael Hamilton - UK
Herrick Stamp Co. - USA
Hunt & Co. - USA
Steve Irwin Stamps - UK
Jace Stamps
Jay Smith & Associates - USA
Johnson Philatelics - South Africa
Kay & Co - USA
Kennedy Stamps - Australia
KGVI Stamps - USA
Ian Kimmerly Stamps - Cananda
Stanley Lisica - USA
Gary J. Lyon - Canada
Midland Philatelics - UK
J. R. Niblett - UK
Tom Osborne - Australia
Campbell Paterson - New Zealand
Philatelic Friends - South Africa
Philately Phor Phun - Canada
Pittwater Philatelic Service - Australia
Poppe Stamps - Philippines
Prestige Philately - Australia
Purves Philatelics - UK
QEII Stamps - USA
RCS Stamps - USA
Rowland Hill Stamps - UK
Rushstamps - UK
Saskatoon Stamp Centre - Canada
SA Stamps - South Africa
Shields Stamps and Coins - Australia
Specimen Stamps - UK
Sydney Philatelics - Australia
Paul Talbot - USA
Toga Associates - USA
TrisStamps - UK
The West India Company - USA
World Stamps - USA

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 British Colonial Postal History:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Link to KGVI Postal Stationery Site
KGVI Stamps - Now offering Postal Stationery and Covers
Berman's Postal History
Michael B. Deery
Michael Hamilton
KGVI Stamps - Covers
KGVI Stamps - Postal Stationery

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Collector's Web Sites:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Cecil Reams - Digital Stamp Album
Virtual Stamp Album of New Hebrides
Yew Poh Leong - King George VI Stamps 1939 - 1952

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Albums & Supplies:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
Preservation Technologies L.P.
 Print Your Own Stamp Album Pages
Subway Stamp Shop
Vera Trinder Ltd.

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Philatelic Insurance Companies and Expertising Services:

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
APS Insurance - Hugh Wood Inc.
Collectors Insurance Agency
Professional Stamp Experts

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site
 Cyber Payment Companies:
(Like a credit card for e-commerce purchases)

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site

 Philatelic Agencies:

Link to Classic British Colonies Stamps Site 
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