Identifying the King George V
Watermark Multiple Crown CA Keyplate
5/ Yellow Paper Issues

Visual examples with dates from the Stanley Gibbons Catalogue
Updated - December, 2009


 Yellow Paper

White Back
Lemon Paper
Orange-Buff Paper

This article is intended to help collectors sort the various yellow papers used in the KGV Keyplates from various British Colonies printed by De La Rue. Please note as you observe the various colors displayed that the web is not an absolutely true means for displaying color. So notice the differences, but do not use them to make absolute judgements of your stamps as compared to them.

I find comparing colors requires the use of white and black paper, twin spotlamps, and more than one or two copies of the stamps (as many as possible is helpful).

Place the stamps on the black paper and sort by looking at the back and grouping them by what seems to look the same color. Eliminating the white back and lemon papers which are simple to identify. Then determine whether you see a yellow compared to a more orangish color.

The orange-buff papers tend to look more brownish, or orange compared to the other printings.

Hopefully this information is useful to you. Please feel free to write with comments, or additional information.

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